AIDS Community Care Montreal launches programs targeting homosexual males and intercourse events

AIDS Community Care Montreal launches programs targeting homosexual males and intercourse events

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Montreal’s sole English-language HIV/AIDS help team AIDS Community Care Montreal (ACCM) continues to push the envelope with brand brand new HIV that is pro-active promotions primarily focusing on men who possess intercourse with males (MSM).

AIDS Community Care Montreal launches programs targeting homosexual males and sex events back into movie

ACCM has simply launched three brand new promotions: ACCM+, a help team for HIV-positive youth amongst the many years of 16 and 29 in the region of Montreal; Kontak, a intimate health effort that seeks to reduce sexually-transmitted infections (STI) transmitted amongst individuals of gay and mixed-orientation intercourse events; and Jack & Jacques, a fresh website that promotes HIV and STI assessment amongst gay and bisexual guys in the order of Montreal.

ACCM+ provides a place for HIV-positive youth to satisfy other young ones residing comparable experiences. “The system came to exist from seeing just just exactly how organizations are intended for middle-aged people, ” says ACCM Communications and Special Events Assistant Jordan Coulombe. “We think youth discovering their sexuality need a space that is open discuss and share their experiences. ”


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The group that is weekly take place each Friday from 5 to 9 pm in the ACCM drop-in centre (2075 Plessis Street). Each weekly meeting includes a collectively prepared dinner, a conversation room, in addition to presentations on subjects such as for example disclosing one’s seropositive status, how exactly to navigate the medical care system, budgeting individual finances, cooking classes as well as innovative writing and separate publishing workshops.

Kontak, meanwhile, seeks to lessen STI transmission amongst participants of gay and sex that is mixed-orientation by coordinating the distribution of safer intercourse materials (condoms, lubricants, latex gloves etc. ) and pamphlets, in addition to wholesale-priced adult toys to organizers of intercourse events in the near order of Montreal. The Kontak outreach worker additionally facilitates danger decrease and safer intercourse information sessions during intercourse events and it is current to respond to sex-related concerns in a non-judgmental manner.

“The system started off for males who possess intercourse with guys, however it is now directed to all or any orientations, ” says Coulombe. “We have an outreach worker who attends sex parties – he’s been to seven since December – and we’ll also deliver toys to your home! ”

Finally, together with the Direction de sante publique de Montreal (DSP),

ACCM has launched Jack & Jacques, an on-line resource that sends STI testing reminders to participants’ inboxes on a routine founded by an anonymous test about intimate behavior.


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“The test is very quick, and it surely will then help you how many times to obtain tested, and where, ” Coulombe explains. “It features a resource that is huge of where you might get tested throughout the Island of Montreal. ”

Jack & Jacques additionally equips homosexual and bisexual guys aided by the knowledge to comprehend their sex-related dangers, their status that is serological prevention needs.

“These brand brand new ACCM projects really are a effort that is concerted foster openness and positivity around sexuality, ” claims Coulombe, incorporating, “It’s important that individuals stay pro-active to cut back STI transmission. ”

All events should oppose sex-selective abortion

On Feb. 26, 2020, Cathay Wagantall, the Conservative MP for Yorkton-Melville, tabled a personal user’s Bill, Bill C-233, “The Sex-selective Abortion Act. ” It will probably quickly be debated when you look at the homely House of Commons.

The balance, if used, would amend the Criminal Code to make it an offense for a practitioner that is medical perform an abortion understanding that the abortion is looked for entirely due to the youngster’s hereditary intercourse.

Every MP should help this bill.

To be clear, sex-selective abortion predominantly targets unborn girls. That is a gender problem that sets females in danger.

The Supreme Court of Canada struck down the abortion legislation in 1988, making a legislative void. Because of this void, Canada does not have any restrictions that are legal abortion, and thus abortion is appropriate whenever you want during maternity for just about any explanation. Abortion just isn’t a Charter right. It really is merely that after the 1988 Supreme Court choice no national federal government has made a decision to legislate from the problem.

Many Canadians help limitations on abortion, yet many Canadians desire to keep abortion legal. Nevertheless when it comes down to sex-selective abortion, both sides find typical ground: a 2020 DART & Maru/Blue poll revealed that 84% of Canadians oppose legalizing abortion in the event that household will not desire the infant to be a particular intercourse.

Overseas companies like the World wellness Organization, un Women, and un youngsters’ Fund have actually identified sex that is unequal at delivery as an ever growing issue internationally. A 2011 interagency declaration claims that “the biologically normal intercourse ratio at delivery ranges from 102 to 106 males per 100 females. Nevertheless, ratios greater than normal – often up to 130 – have already been seen. ” The document acknowledges that sex-selective abortion is a cause that is main of unequal ratios.

Canadian medical care experts additionally recognize intercourse selection as a challenge. A 2012 article when you look at the Canadian Medical Association Journal details that “easy usage of abortion and improvements in prenatal intercourse dedication have actually combined in order to make Canada a haven for moms and dads that would end feminine fetuses in favour of getting sons. “

It really is ironic that a process that is thought to enable ladies can be getting used as an instrument to discriminate against them.

Abortion liberties advocates together with conventional news are going to be fast to call foul from this bill. A write-up because of The Canadian Press already claims that the Conservative Party is “reopening the abortion debate. ” Let us be clear: this bill has nothing in connection with reopening the abortion debate and tries to frame it as a result are merely types of biased sensationalism. This bill has every thing related to addressing the best void in legislation and having rid of a persistent inequality: sex-selective abortion.

Canadians value human being liberties and equality. In the home and all over global globe our nation is well known for the vocals to get equality between gents and ladies.

We ought to work now to condemn sex-selective abortion and inform you that Canada values ladies and equality.

We’ve a Prime Minister that is a self proclaimed feminist, who advocates for sex parity in Cabinet, whom includes gender-based analysis in legislation and it is recognized to champion females’s liberties all over the world. If Trudeau is a genuine feminist, then both him and his celebration should help “The Sex-selective Abortion Act. ” and each other celebration should also.

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Kevin Geenen is an old Conservative Party of Canada staffer and third-year pupil at the University of Ottawa

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