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This we will be discussing the importance of desexing guinea pigs! week

This we will be discussing the importance of desexing guinea pigs! week

Lots of people in many cases are unaware it is feasible to desex guinea pigs, and therefore you can find quantity of healthy benefits to achieving this at a more youthful age.

Did you know female guinea pigs can get pregnant also who are only four weeks old?! This will make it extremely important to be certain just what sex guinea pigs you might be acquiring, to prevent pregnancies that are unexpected! Aside from preventing unplanned pregnancies, desexing your guinea pig may have other health advantages too!

Non-desexed male guinea pigs could be housed along with other male guinea pigs, nonetheless, they cannot always get on and they’ll often offer other guinea pigs undesirable attention! This might lead to fighting, and bite wounds is serious. They are able to also develop tumours that are testicular though they are maybe perhaps not common. russion brides The absolute most universal problem seen in non-desexed male guinea pigs may be the accumulation of faeces within the anal vestibule, which regularly becomes uncommonly large in older male guinea pigs. Desexed men are a lot less likely to want to develop this dilemma.

Male guinea pigs are castrated by detatching each testicle independently through an incisions that are separate each scrotum. There are a few differences that are important to dog/cat castrations. As an example it’s important that the inguinal canal and epidermis is closed to stop intestines herniating out from the stomach! These clients additionally lose human body temperature quickly because of the little size. right Here you can observe a heat probe that continues to be set up throughout surgery so that the client remains hot; and a blanket that is heated the individual this is certainly filled with hot air for the procedure.

Are you aware that 80% of feminine guinea pigs avove the age of one year develop that is old cysts? These cysts can be huge (a few centimetres wide) and cause vexation by putting force on other essential structures when you look at the stomach.

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