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How (and just how maybe perhaps Not) to create A systems that is good Paper

How (and just how maybe perhaps Not) to create A systems that is good Paper

An assessment for the Ninth SOSP Submissions -or- How (and exactly how Not) to create an excellent systems Paper

Roy Levin and David D. Redell, Ninth SOSP Program Committee Co-chairmen


On March 21, 1983, this system committee for the symposium that is 9th running System Principles, having see the eighty-three documents submitted, chosen sixteen for presentation during the symposium. This acceptance ratio of approximately one in five approximates those of past SOSPs, even though the amount of submissions ended up being notably less than in the past few years. Several people in this program committee found it interestingly an easy task to split the papers that are good the bad people; certainly, the ten committee users quickly agreed upon the disposition of over 80% associated with the papers. While the acceptance ratio shows, many of these were rejections.

Following the committee had finished its selectio n process, a few people expressed dissatisfaction within the general quality associated with the submissions. Most of the refused documents exhibited comparable weaknesses, weaknesses that the committee felt must have been evident into the writers.

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