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Strangling someone while having sex? WHY ? View


Strangling someone while having sex? WHY ? View

Im not to intimately experienced my bf whom ive been with for a few months is my just partner that is proper lost my v dishes to my ex but just once, now I understand sex is notblack or white, i think its effective too try brand new tyhings but normal things such as clothes or roles.

I became with my boyfriend whenever suddanly he put one pay my mouth ( I happened to be making no sound) additionally the other side round my throat and squeezed it on me personally not too which he had been complete out sufforcating me personally but that couldnt breathing well, it completely freaked me away so when I inquired exactly what he had been doing he stated the rest of the girls he previously been with liked it since it stopped the air gonna their minds, they felt drunk and as a consequence sex was better. Have always been we being frigid or am i right maybe maybe not too feel at ease achieving this because it provided me with a fright and sense of being sufforcated terrified me personally

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