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The kiss ended up being inevitable. Unavoidable. And completely delicious.

The kiss ended up being inevitable. Unavoidable. And completely delicious.

Marcella felt the electric temperature of contact along with her gorgeous buddy, and she noticed she wanted more…not just now, but that she’d constantly wanted more. The brunette felt the top of her epidermis temperature as she slid her smooth, bare thigh between Shae’s legs, shrouded by her friend’s long, billowing dress.

Shae smiled knowingly at her buddy, taking the hand that is brunette’s her very own. Marcella didn’t understand who had been drawing whoever human body closer. It absolutely was automated, just as if it had been just a normal area of the party.

Within moments, Shae’s face that is beautiful close enough that Marcella felt her friend’s breathing against her lips. The kiss ended up being unavoidable. Unavoidable. And completely delicious.

It wasn’t the very first time Marcella had kissed an other woman, but kissing Shae made those other few times look like a game in comparison. She’d just ever kissed other females to tease college that is eager. As soon as Marcella tasted her friend’s lips, the love they’d constantly felt for every single other arrived crashing over them within an unstoppable revolution. Because their tongues arrived away to entwine and play, the hunger that is playful had constantly existed between them burst into flame.

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Because their kisses grew deeper and much more intense, girls set their wine eyeglasses aside and concentrated their attention totally for each other. They took each face that is other’s their arms and kissed as though these were constantly supposed to be enthusiasts.

“God, you’re gorgeous, ” Shae whispered.

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