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Her spouse can not stop lusting for Asian ladies

Her spouse can not stop lusting for Asian ladies

Dear Prudence: my better half possesses thing for Asian females (our company is both Caucasian), and I also do not know how to deal with it. Once we are out in public areas or watching TV and he views Asian girls/women, he can not simply take their eyes off them. I am made by it uncomfortable. Through the right time he places one, he could be sidetracked.

I experienced a beneficial friend that is Chinese, however the relationship fizzled from him) that he came on to her once when he’d been drinking after I found out. He create a crush for a co-worker of their who’s Japanese, but luckily they not any longer interact. I do not think either of he was encouraged by these women by any means.

Now his obsession has converted into my obsession. My belly is in knots each time our company is in the existence of a nice-looking woman that is asian. During my husband’s increase up the business ladder, he might inherit a secretary that is Asian, and contains become certainly one of my biggest worries. I must say I don’t believe I shall have the ability to manage it. This is simply not far-fetched because we reside in a place with a higher-than-average Asian populace.

I’ve talked to my hubby extremely seriously about my feelings. He denies he is concerned that he is obsessed, but denial is standard operating procedure where. We understand I can not alter which type of ladies my better half is interested in, but how to learn how to live with this specific?

–No Asian Vacations

Dear No: Well, now you might be both enthusiastic about Asian ladies. American males’s attraction in their mind is absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing new; they could be exotic-looking, along side obtaining the social label of the docile, man-pleasing submissiveness.

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