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You in 2012, you mentioned – and I don’t remember what the context is when I interviewed

You in 2012, you mentioned – and I don’t remember what the context is when I interviewed

– you mentioned you are thinking about the prejudices that minorities have against other minorities, and you also thought that which was a comedy area that is really good. And also you work that into the brand brand brand new show for the reason that there’s a woman that is indian do not have the arranged wedding she had been expected to have. And she married a Muslim guy, after which they divorced, and none for the feamales in this kind of Indian community like to talk she had married a Muslim man with her because. Is the fact that a typical example of everything you had been dealing with in regards to prejudices some minorities have actually about other minorities? Of course, in Asia.

GROSS: In India, Hindus aren’t a minority, however in America they’ve been.

KALING: Yeah, absolutely. I believe this is certainly certainly a typical example of that. We have seen firsthand the racism that Hindus feel towards Muslims as a result of, you realize – it really is strange to inherit a prejudice due to a thing that’s located in Asia, you understand, them when you’re here, too because I think it’s about Kashmir issues and just the issues that take place in India, and then you’re supposed to inherit. And thus we – that character felt actually real to my childhood and my entire life of a lady whom’d made a selection then had been shunned due to it.

GROSS: And just what do you realy find funny about those tensions?

KALING: I believe it is funny because, into the typical white US, we are most likely the exact exact same. You understand, this is certainly – like, in my experience, it is a narcissism of tiny distinctions to your normal person that is american at an individual who is just a dark-skinned Indian Hindu individual and a dark-skinned Indian Muslim individual. I do not think anybody believes there is an impact you know, he is, I think, atheist, but his family is Muslim between me and Aziz Ansari, but his family.

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