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LINE I Adore Coffee. To locate LINE Friends to include for ILC

LINE I Adore Coffee. To locate LINE Friends to include for ILC

Unique Guest Discussion & Purchases Assist

Brand New Updated Spreadsheets

The spreadsheets for the unique visitor discussion and instructions have already been reorganised and put into one with the beans, coffee beverage and part spreadsheet that is dish.

I’ve updated the links from the particular posts, however for convenience, right right right here they have been:

They’re various monitoring of the spreadsheet that is same. Considering that the mess was cleaned up, you will see the spreadsheet it self and never the posted variation, which will solve the nagging dilemmas pertaining to viewing and filtering.

Hope it will help you better with ILC

Me know in the comments if you do encounter any problems, please let.

Difficulty Viewing Spreadsheets?

Hey dudes, are any one of you trouble that is having the spreadsheets?

I’ve been getting demands for usage of the papers, that ought ton’t function as the full instance because the spreadsheets are posted to your internet for everybody to see. It’s been happening over the last week or so, I’m worried that many people are having problems with it since it’s not just a single person, and.

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