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6 Many Types of Punishment

6 Many Types of Punishment

The commonly held concept of punishment, which we used in most of our trainings, is “a pattern of behavior employed by anyone to get and continue maintaining energy and control over another.” A very important factor to see about this meaning is we’re dealing with a pattern of behavior, this basically means, not only one event. These habits may take for a quantity of various kinds. Lots of people, if they hear the expressed word“abuse,” think of assault. It’s important to see that real force is certainly one way of energy and control and it’s also definately not the only one. It is usually maybe not the initial one an abuser shall utilize. Listed here are six different sorts of punishment we discuss in our training with brand new volunteers or workers.

1. Physical

This is actually the sort of punishment that lots of people think about if they hear the expressed word‘abuse.’ It may consist of punching, striking, slapping, throwing, strangling, or actually restraining somebody against their might. It may consist of driving recklessly or invading someone’s physical room, plus in any kind of means making somebody feel actually unsafe.

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