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Surprising Post-Intercourse Reactions

Surprising Post-Intercourse Reactions

Think all women go to sleep gladly, nestled within their spouse’s hands, after a little nooky? Reconsider that thought! Some females suffer from an array of responses after intercourse, ranging from pain and bleeding to rips and food cravings—even amnesia! right Here, our professionals weigh in on a few of the more things that are unusual encounter after intercourse.

you like him and you’re perhaps not angry at him—you even forgave him for forgetting to prevent during the store along the way house from work like he promised to—so exactly why are you feeling weepy after sex? Don’t worry, states Isadora Alman, a board-certified sexologist and licensed relationship therapist in san francisco bay area. Periodic post-sex tears that do not come with relationship difficulty are normal and often no big deal. “this could be a launch of saved stress, like a climax, and often accompanies one,” she adds.

Kathleen,* 3, a female whom lives into the Boston area, states that whenever she makes use of the toilet after intercourse, she notices a small bloodstream on the bathroom . paper, also it worries her. An author in addition to creator of “Postcoital bleeding is not normal until you’re menstruating or have just lost your virginity. once and for all explanation, claims Lissa Rankin, MD, ob-gyn” Relating to Dr. Rankin, it could be related to any of the following: abnormal (precancerous or cancerous) cells on the cervix, which tend to have extra blood vessels that may be fragile and bleed when touched during sex; a cervical polyp; an STD that infects the cervix or vagina, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia or trichomonas; abnormalities inside the uterus, such as a fibroid, polyp, or endometrial hyperplasia or cancer; a vaginal infection, such as a yeast infection, that can irritate the walls of the vagina and cause bleeding; or trauma to the hymen, vagina, cervix or perineum if you experience bleeding after sex. “If you are bleeding after sex, particularly when it occurs over and over again, see your physician,” suggests Dr.

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