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We inform you of Weird development: platypus sex

We inform you of Weird development: platypus sex

The platypus is not only strange if you are duck-billed, venomous and a mammal that lays eggs—it has genetics that are weird. Many animals have actually two intercourse chromosomes, nevertheless the platypus has ten! Why? How do it works? And do these additional intercourse chromosomes make the platypus additional sexy? View to learn!

Unique as a result of Professor Jenny Graves for assisting us create this video.

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Say hello into the platypus, among the strangest animals on earth. It lays eggs it isn’t a bird. It creates milk but doesn’t have nipples. A skeleton is had by it such as for instance a reptile. And it is one of several only mammals that are venomous our planet. Along with all that, it offers 5 times as many intercourse chromosomes once we people do. Oh yes. Why don’t we speak about platypus intercourse.

First, however, an overview that is quick of chromosomes in people.

Our DNA is organised within 23 pairs among these little wiggly looking things—our chromosomes.

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